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Some sensible reasons for making the switch to e cigarettes

Quit worrying

OK e-cigarettes are totally tobacco, tar and carbon monoxide free. So you can savour the moment, without those horrible, nagging health concerns about what the 4,000 toxins found in tobacco smoke might be doing inside your body. If the thought below has ever crossed your mind:

“Damn it, I really like smoking, why can’t it be good for me?”

…You should have an OK e-cigarette. Yep, you’re allowed to smoke these. No, you don’t need a lighter. And officially you’re not really smoking. But they are as close to the experience you can get without getting hurt. We’ve tested these on long-standing UK smokers and they all liked what they tried.

Quit being anti-social

No second-hand smoke around the kids
No smelly fag breath (OK e-cigarettes are cleverly smell-free)
No littering or fire risks

= social acceptance at last *Hurrah*

Quit shivering

You can puff in the pub, on the bus or even in the local swimming baths if the fancy takes you. Containing no smoke or tobacco means that OK e-cigarettes escape the smoking-ban, so you can smoke them pretty much anywhere.

But perhaps you like huddling outside in the cold? Don’t let us stop you. Traditional smokers won’t spot that you’re using an electronic cigarette, and if they do, we bet they ask for a go. That’s how the switch to OK e-cigarettes normally starts.

Quit big spending

Smoking OK e-cigarettes means saving money.

20 traditional cigarettes will set you back up to £8. Our equivalent costs from £1.70.

What will you spend your savings on? No more sums from us, we’ll let you do the maths on that one.

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OK Light E-Liquid
Quantity: Equivalent to 100 Cigarettes
Nicotine strength: 1.5%/15mg
Lowest nicotine strength
The casual smoker

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