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It’s great being involved in a leading product that’s so new and innovative. It makes us proud when we hear or see something in the news that makes electronic cigarettes that little bit more normal.

We have to admit that the OK team aren’t leaders in celebrity culture – but we still love it when we spot the rich and famous using our products.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp likes his electronic cigarette so much that he even smoked it during a train scene of The Tourist. We salute you for showing the convenience of our product Mr Depp.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Praised by the press after being pictured partying with electronic cigarettes rather than the real thing. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee you the same media reaction by smoking OK.

Britney Spears

Someone told us that Britney shifted from tobacco to electronic cigarettes after she got her knuckles rapped for smoking around her kids. Well done Ms Spears, you’re slowly proving you’re not as crazy as they all say you are.

Lindsay Lohan

The troubled actress is reported to be getting her life back together, starting with swapping smoking for electronic cigarettes. This was whilst she was under house arrest for driving offences, but everyone has to start somewhere eh…

Charlie Sheen

Even bad boy Charlie Sheen has become more health conscious and is a big supporter of electronic cigarettes. We still wouldn’t choose him to be in a poster advert for us.

Paris Hilton

The IT girl loves electronic cigarettes because they mean she doesn't have to leave a nightclub to smoke outside. We don't like the cold either Paris.

Catherine Zeta Jones

The Welsh beauty has switched to electronic cigarettes after getting nagged by her Hollywood husband about her bad habit. A gold star to Michael Douglas.

Kate Moss

She seems to have a cigarette permanently attached to her hand - but these days it’s a much healthier electronic one. Well that’s the one thing we do have in common with the Croydon supermodel.
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