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While new modern day vaping products have grabbed the headlines in recent times, there is still strong demand for traditional disposable electronic cigarettes and rechargeable electronic cigarettes. So called "cigalikes" are still very popular especially with those looking to convert from tobacco cigarettes. It is the fact that the "cigalikes" are a similar weight and size to traditional tobacco cigarettes, and also require a similar action, which seems to have struck a chord with many former tobacco cigarette users.

We have introduced our own range of tobacco flavoured disposable and rechargeable electronic cigarettes covering the strongest tobacco down to zero tobacco. Our flavours include bold (4.5%/45mg), gold (3%/30mg), light (1.5%/15mg) as well as our zero tobacco not to mention menthol bold (4.5%/45mg) and menthol light (1.5%/15mg) for those who prefer a menthol twist.

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