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Here at OKCigs we strive to ensure that our customers obtain maximum satisfaction from our range of electronic cigarettes, refills and accessories. We welcome all feedback on our products and services and hereby list a selection below.

Below we have listed the last 10 product reviews from customers, all in their own words:-

Starter kit and refills-Gold November 15, 2015
Reviewer: Bruce Panday, London, United Kingdom

Comment. Great company. Addressed a minor complaint I had both speedily and to more than my expectation. Great product and I find the tips last longer than advertised. I have found that the battery stopped working but this is after two years continuous use so not surprised and disappointed. Ordered a new one (and a spare) as always arrived in quick time.

Product: Committed Smoker Starter Kit Gold

Perfect for my needs October 28, 2015
Reviewer: Goole, West Yorks United Kingdom

Comment. Only on the 'light' menthols but they work a treat. Have helped me through the craving stage, I have been stopped 3 months now. So now (because they are so realistic) I just use socially when having a few drinks or spending time with smokers. I would recommend as an aid to quitting. They are a good quality and disposable so easy to have in a handbag or overnight bag. Haven't been tempted to have a real cigarette once.

Product: 10 x King Size Menthol Light Disposable

Premium service, premium quality October 25, 2015
Reviewer: William Croft,Burton on Trent, Staffordshire United Kingdom

Comment. Great all round service especially the Stoptober offers, quality service and great e-liquid as usual.

Product: 5 x OK E-Liquid 10ml Menthol Bold Flavour

OK Double EVOD Electric Cigarette Starter Kit + October 24, 2015
Reviewer: Andrew Taylor, West Kilbride, North Ayrshire United Kingdom

Comment. Excellent service followed with an excellent product. No need for me to search the shops anymore for the brand I need. Will certainly recommend OK to my friends.
Thank you.
A Taylor

Product: OK Double EVOD Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

OK Double EVOD Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit + October 19, 2015
Reviewer: Cliff Bennington, Porthleven, Cornwall

Comment. I have been using OK liquid for over a year now . I ordered the OK DOUBLE EVOD ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE STARTER KIT + 2 BOTTLES OF ELIQUID. I am very happy with OK products and am glad I will never go back to tobacco. Beside the product the service is excellent with next day delivery.

Product: OK Double EVOD Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

OK E-Liquid 10 ml Gold Flavour My order October 10, 2015
Reviewer: Andrew Taylor, North Ayrshire

Comment. Excellent service with bonus of x2 for month of October. Will continue to use your services in the future. Thank You.

Product Link: 5 x OK E-Liquid 10ml Gold Flavour

Hyper King Bold Disposable October 4, 2015
Reviewer: Sue Wilson, Southgate, London

Comment. Useful to take out and about instead of lugging chargers around and looking for somewhere to plug the batteries into.

Product Link: Hyper King Bold Disposable

Excellent products September 21, 2015
Reviewer: Kjartan, Førde, Norway

Comment. Fast and professional service.perfect taste.

Product Link: Hyper King Bold Disposable

Great September 21, 2015
Reviewer: Alice Woolf, London

Comment. Excellent product and customer service!

Product Link: Hyper King Bold Disposable

Excellent service September 17, 2015

Comment. Excellent service as usual.

Product Link: 10 x King Size Light Disposable

This is just a selection of the OK ecig reviews we have received from customers and review websites with more electronic cigarette UK reviews available on request.

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This product is intended for use by existing smokers aged 18 and over. Not recommend for use by pregnant or breast feeding women. Also not recommended for those sensitive to nicotine, at risk of heart disease, diabetes or high blood pressure. Nicotine can be an addictive substance. This product is not intended as nicotine replacement therapy. This product is toxic if swallowed. Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed seek immediate medical advice.